About Me


Hi. I’m Melanie. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June of 2013. I was also pregnant at the time with my third child. I withstood 6 rounds of AC (Adriamyacin Cytoxan) chemotherapy and a mastectomy while pregnant, and somehow my baby remained healthy throughout it all and was born without any complications. After the birth of our miracle baby, I endured radiation and Taxol chemotherapy. I have been on a year of Herceptin, ongoing hormone therapy (Tamoxifen and now Letrozole), and I have had multiple surgeries for breast reconstruction.

I was cancer free for one year, until the cancer returned in October of 2015. I have been given two to five years to live. I hope to live much longer. But I am also realistic that I may not live to be a grandma. With whatever time I have left, I want to live it to the fullest. I want to be open and honest with everyone. I want people to know how I really feel, and I want to know what other people are feeling.

Writing has been a great therapy for me for the past few years, and I now want to share my thoughts with you through this blog. This website will provide resources and inspiration for others who may or may not be going through a similar experience as me.