Time Line

I will continually update this, but here is an overview of events since being diagnosed with cancer:

June 20, 2013     Breast Cancer Diagnosis (Stage unknown due to pregnancy, but at least Stage IIIB) in Moscow, Idaho (while husband interned in Colorado for the summer)…

July-October 2013     Six cycles of Adriamycin Cytoxan chemotherapy in Lewiston, Idaho

November 13, 2013     Mastectomy in Seattle, Washington

December 26, 2013     Fletcher Milagre Day is born in Moscow, Idaho

January 5, 2014     Moved to Irvine, CA for treatment, while husband moved to Lovelock, Nevada for work

January 2014     First scan. Results were inconclusive. Possible uptake in my tailbone and left shoulder, which could be from previous injuries but I they treated me as if I had Stage IV cancer in Orange, California

January-April 2014     Twelve cycles of Taxol chemotherapy and radiation, as well as Perjeta and Herceptin infusions in Orange, California

April 2014     Moved to Lovelock, Nevada

May 2014-May 2015     Herceptin infusions every three weeks, along with routine MUGA scans and echocardiograms in Reno, Nevada

October 2014     First clear scan!

December 2014     Moved to Gardnerville, Nevada

April 2015     Second clear scan

May-November 2015     Second mastectomy and multiple breast reconstruction surgeries in Reno, Nevada

November 2015     Scan and needle biopsy results showed STAGE IV or METASTATIC CANCER in the bones

March 2016     Cyberknife Radiation in Reno, Nevada

May 2016     Clear PET scan!

July 2016     Moved to Utah

July 29, 2016     Clear PET scan!

Nov 2016 Clear PET scan!

May 15, 2017 Clear PET scan!

July 2017 Current treatment includes daily hormone therapy medication (Letrozole) plus heart medication for my cardiomyopathy (Carvedilol) and Calcium pills to help my bones, as well as monthly injections of Xgeva (bone strengthener) and Zoladex (to suppress ovaries)

Oct 2017 Next Scan

4 Responses to Time Line

  1. Sue Rice says:

    I’m friends with Melissa Ayers and saw your story. I read it with interest as my daughter has 3 more treatments of perjeta and hercepton. What a long year it has been and sounds familiar to your story. Her cancer was HER 2+ with negative estrogen and progesterone receptors. We also loved Huntsman and the great feeling and care there. So glad you are there. Do you have family close that can help you? I will pray for you and follow your story. Good luck and God bless

    • Melanie says:

      Hello Sue. Yes we have family and friends here. Also, the Huntsman Center in South Jordan has a daycare. So I drop my kids off there before I head into my appointments. It is so great! The main huntsman center doesn’t have one, so when I do PT Scans there (I have one tomorrow), I have to get a sitter. I had perjeta and herceptin as well, and my cancer is Her2+ also. The herceptin affected my heart, such that my ejection fraction dropped pretty low. Because of that, I’ve been on medication called carvedilol and they have monitored my heart closely. I hope her heart is able to handle the drugs. I think most patients handle it just fine. Please send her my best wishes. I hope all goes well with her treatments. Hopefully someone can figure out a cure soon!

  2. Amber Swift says:

    I listened to you talk on the “Modern Day Photo Solutions” podcast today. Today of all days- it’s my friend Aaron’s birthday today. My friend who died from cancer when we were in college. My friend whom is my son’s namesake. And it was all I could do to keep from crying. And I want you to know I really heard you. None of us know how long our time is here on earth- yet we live as if it will go on forever. Today I remembered that tragedy can strike anyone, at any age. And instead of remembering my friend’s birthday with a saddened heart, I instead heard your message of making each day of life count. I heard you- and I want to make this message a part of my life. Wish me luck- and I wish you all the luck in the world to. I hope that you will beat the odds, and live to see your children grown. But most of all I wish that you have a full life, regardless of it’s length. And that your children will learn and grow in your strength and love of life forever, regardless of how long they can. That is a great message to provide our children with.
    Sending Love and Prayers from MN
    Amber Swift

    • Melanie says:

      Amber, Thank you so much for this sweet message. May your friend Aaron continue to inspire you to consider life fragile yet beautiful. I’m honored to be in the same conversation with him. Thank you for hearing me. I wish you the best of luck in living life to the fullest and making each day count. Much love from Utah. -Melanie

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