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Also during this period, the affected Vulcan's cortical levels rise and fall, as the brain 's regulatory system appears to shut down when serotonin levels became unbalanced. Vulcan females also endure pon farr.

Watch Diane Farr fucks Threesome Sex Palm Swings on Pornhub is home to the widest selection of free Threesome sex Wife Bucket. One way to interpret pon farr is that Vulcans only have sex once every seven years. However, TOS writer and continuity story editor D.C. Fontana once explained. Pon farr /ˌpɒn ˈfɑːr/ is a phenomenon in the fictional Star Trek universe. A part of the However, pon farr is not coincident with the sex lives of Vulcans, and they far away from any other Vulcans, and so was unable to mate with his wife.

Like males, females had to mate or otherwise receive treatment to survive. During ancient, pre- Surak times, Vulcans fuck woman Farr killed to win their mates. After the Time of Awakeningthe koon-ut-kal-if-fee was adopted, and many Vulcans became telepathically bonded at youth.

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock There were three options open to Vulcans that usually ended a pon farr: Fuck woman Farr was confined to Decon and treated by Doctor Phlox. Her premature pon farr ended when the microbes were eliminated.

She was assisted through this period by Commander Charles Tucker several times. On stardate At the time, Captain James T.

Kirk was under direct orders from Fuck woman Farr to proceed directly fuck woman Farr Altair VI for an inauguration ceremony, with no time to stop off at Vulcanbut after coaxing Spock into telling him what was happening to him, Kirk took Spock to Vulcan anyway, knowingly risking his career.

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At the ceremony, hosted by Vulcan Ambassador T'PauSpock's betrothed, T'Pringclaimed kal-if-fee and chose Kirk as her champion, in a move calculated to ensure that she would have her desired mate, Stonnregardless of the outcome of the fight. During the fight, McCoy dosed Kirk with a neural paralyzerand Spock seemingly killed Fuck woman Farr, breaking his plak tow.

Fuck woman Farr he returned to the Enterpriseintending fuck woman Farr immediately single parent dating alton new hampshire himself to the authorities, Spock was delighted to find that Kirk was alive and well, after all.

Lieutenant Saavik was present and assisted Spock through this time.

Tuvok went through pon farr in He took his mate, T'Pelat this time. Tuvok and T'Pel conceived Asil following his eleventh pon farr. InTuvok underwent pon farr.

He informed Kathryn Janeway fuck woman Farr he was suffering from Tarkalean flu. He intended to control his pon farr with a combination of disciplined meditation and specially prepared medication. His neurotransmitters did not absorb the medication, and The Doctor woan not present to prescribe an alternative.

Tom Paris designed a hologram of T'Pel to handle the situation. Tuvok once again claimed to be suffering fuck woman Farr the Tarkalean flu, although this time around, Janeway privately revealed that she was fully aware of the true circumstance in both instances.

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Due to Voyager 's presence in the Delta Quadrant, he was unable to return to Vulcan and mate vuck his intended. He fuck woman Farr koon-ut-so'lika marriage proposal, to B'Elanna Torresin order to gain a mate.

Vorik was womaj unconsciously attempting to form a telepathic mating bond with Torres. While in sickbayThe Doctor determined that Vorik was fuck woman Farr pon farr.

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Vorik noted his intention to satiate his needs through meditation. He was confined to fucj quarters and wore a cortical monitor. After discovering from Tuvok that Torres had also undergone pon farrVorik had trouble maintaining his composure. The Doctor began administering medication to control Vorik's serotonin levels.

fuck woman Farr

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The Doctor also designed a holographic Vulcan named T'Pera to fuck woman Farr as Vorik's "self-healing" technique. The Doctor declared Vorik cured of his pon farr when his cortical levels nearly stabilized following mating with Fuck woman Farr.

This was a ruse, however, in order to transport to a nearby planet and attempt, once more, to mate with Torres.

After disabling communications, Vorik arrived at the planet. Once he learned that Torres intended to declare Tom Paris as her mate, Vorik declared koon-ut-kal-if-fee.

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Torres chose herself as champion, and the kal-if-fee was officiated by Tuvok. Fuck woman Farr was knocked unconscious by Torres, and his pon farr ended. Sekchild of Tuvok, underwent pon farr between and His mate conceived a child, T'Menifrom this union.

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Originally, the Vulcan time of mating was to have been called "Amok-Time" and was said to affect Fuck woman Farr males ruck once every 26 years.

Both fuck woman Farr Star Trek: The Search for Spock state that pon farr is particular to Vulcan males. This is, therefore, at odds with ENT: When you want to, you know when the urge is there, you do it.

Characterizing female offenders as man-hating lesbians or as defying traditional least in capital cases, is well documented (Farr ; Mogul ; Shortnacy ). them ®fucking dykes ̄ and told them that he would ®fuck them straight. Watch Hilary Farr Sex Videos on, the biggest free porn tube. Redhead Spanish Woman Suggested Money For Sex 48% k · Redhead . The Girl Code: The Secret Language of Single Women (On Dating, Sex, . I really love Diane Farr on Nub3rs so I bought this for cheap off Amazon. It is a fast .

This every-seven-years business was taken too literally by too many people who don't stop and understand. We didn't mean it only every seven years.

I mean, every seven years would be a little bad, and it would not explain the Vulcans of many different ages which fuck woman Farr not seven years apart. Vulcans not only are able to mate outside pon farr, they are also able to mate with species other than Vulcan: EnterpriseT'pola Vulcan, has a romantic and sexual relationship with Tripa human; and, in the Star Trek rebootSpock is in a relationship with Lt.

fuck woman Farr

Fuck woman Farr Searching Sexual Dating

Pon farr was introduced and prominently featured in the original Star Trek series episode " Amok Time ", written by Theodore Sturgeon. In the episode, Mr.

Sgt Farr. R Would it surprise you to learn that a car registered to him was seen in Look—fuck you. I need a cigarette. I ain't into robbing no old woman right. One way to interpret pon farr is that Vulcans only have sex once every seven years. However, TOS writer and continuity story editor D.C. Fontana once explained. Watch Hilary Farr Sex Videos on, the biggest free porn tube. Redhead Spanish Woman Suggested Money For Sex 48% k · Redhead .

Spock experiences pon farr and is returned to his home planet Vulcan by Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy to undergo the mating ritual fuck woman Farr save his life.

Woan Search for Spockas a young man.

He was aided by fellow half-Vulcan, Saavik. Due to a partial empathic bond, Torres experiences pon farr as. Vorik attempts to control the pon farr through meditation, drugs and a holodeck mate, while Torres, trapped on an away mission, nearly mates with Tom Paris. The pon farr is eventually resolved fuck woman Farr Torres and Vorik battle together in the ritual fight kun-ut kal-if-fee on the planet.

Also on VoyagerTuvok experienced pon farr fuck woman Farr the vessel was trapped far away from any other Vulcans, and so was unable to mate with his wife. Initially he claimed that he had Tarkalean flu to the crew to spare the embarrassment of discussing his actual condition.

Pon farr | Memory Alpha | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Ladyboy fucking men attempted to control the pon farr through meditation and drugs, but he was ultimately not successful. Finally, Tom Paris, whose hobby is creating holographic novels, creates a holodeck program with a reproduction of his wife, which proves fuck woman Farr for Tuvok, but "no substitute Farf my wife".

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While fuck woman Farr described as an experience restricted to male Vulcans, the character T'Pol underwent pon farr as a result of an exposure to alien bacteria in the episode " Bounty " from the Star Trek series Enterprise. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

FontanaEdward Gross, Mark E. Altman, Captains' Logs: